Content Parsing Tutorial (Python 3)

PyContentParsing<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\Python\Vortex\PyContentParsing\

This tutorial provide an example to read and parse content with code.

Is will open a Vortex Content file such as a Scene, a Mechanism or an Assembly and will recursively show each Vortex Extension with the fields' values.

It is the equivalent of the C++ Content Parsing Tutorial

See Vortex Studio SDK Creating Content for more details about content organization.

See Vortex Studio SDK - Customizing Vortex to learn more about fields.

See Integrating Vortex Studio using Python 3 for more details about using Python.

Using the tutorial

  1. The code is fully documented explaining each steps.
  2. Run the script using Python 3
    1. It requires as arguments path to one or more Vortex Files (vxscene, vxmechanism or vxassembly), separated by spaces.
  3. To go into detail, debug the project and follow the code execution step by step.