Level Designer Guide

 The Level Designer Guide provides level designers the information they need to set up scenes and environmental effects, as well as add-ons such as oceans and human characters.

Animating Using Waypoints

Animating an object along a pre-defined path is a common task in many simulation scenarios. To help level designers with this task, Vortex® Studio offers a waypoint-based animation extension that outputs a smooth path along those waypoints.


In order to immerse the user in a scene, a number of environmental embellishments are available in Vortex® Studio Editor. This section presents some of the ways you can improve your scenes and mechanisms by adding audio and real-world elements.

HUD Extensions

A heads up display (HUD) allows you to superimpose additional information into a viewport.


A Scene is the highest-level element in the Vortex® hierarchy and allows you to position and connect the elements of the scene (mechanisms, terrain, etc.) together.

Vortex Console

This topic describes the Vortex Console user interface that lets your users run simulation content and visualize metrics.

Vortex Human

Vortex Human allows you to add human characters in Vortex Studio scenes.

Vortex Marine

The Vortex Marine extension provides a hydrodynamic solution for surface ocean simulation that integrates both dynamics and visual (graphics).

Creating User Interfaces (UI)

This topic describes how to create custom user interfaces (UI).