Cables Tutorial 3 : Spline Cables

In this training module, you will learn how to add a spline to a Flexible Generic Cable. The cable we will use is the tether of the ROV system of the Offshore Demo Scene. You'll notice that the cable dynamics and graphics have already been defined. To learn how to do that, refer to the Cables Tutorial 1: Creating a Cable System

Adding a Spline to an Existing Cable

  1. Open the Offshore Workshop Scene from your Demo Scenes folder (...\Scenario\Offshore_Workshop.vxscene)
  2. In the Explorer, locate the Tether cable under ROV System > Cables - ROV System. Access the properties of Dynamics Generic Cable
  3. Under Parameters > Param Definition > Segment Definitions > 3, activate Flexible Definition.
  4. Under Flexible Definition, activate Adaptive Definition
  5. Under Flexible Definition > Points, change the size to 7.
  6. Set the points of the spline to the coordinates in the table below:

  7. Test (F7) the scene. Notice the curvature of the tether at the start of the simulation.

Modifying the Preferred Section Length under Flexible Definition will change the accuracy of the curvature of the spline.