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Welcome to Vortex Studio Knowledge Base

This space contains information about Vortex Studio, a product of CM Labs Simulations Inc.

The Vortex Studio product web site can be accessed here : https://www.cm-labs.com/vortex-studio/

Vortex Studio is a platform to create and deploy real-time, interactive simulations of mechanical
systems. Vortex Studio is the basis of CMLabs’ industry-leading equipment simulators.

Download latest version : Download Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio Documentation - https://vortexstudio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VSD

Vortex Studio Support

Downloads, Licenses and Support tickets can be accessed through the support portal: Vortex Studio Customer Portal.

Vortex Studio Advantages

  1. Create without coding : Use Vortex Editor to create digital twins or parts of mechanical equipment while performing investigations that require mechanical real-time simulation, in particular off-road vehicles, cables and earthworks scenarios. Add mechanical logic and verification tests with python 3 scripting.
  2. Use Unity, Unreal Engine or other 3rd party platforms : Simulated mechanical systems can be integrated with Unity, Unreal Engine and other engines. These mechanisms and vehicles may be easily connected to game scenario inputs and outputs and can move naturally in the virtual environment.
  1. Build Training Simulators : Simulators or desktop simulation applications can run any Vortex content, including all the simulations available in the Vortex simulator product lines, as well as any custom content they create. Vortex Studio provides visual system configuration including computer topology, screens positioning and hardware devices control mapping.
  1. Create Marketing Simulators : Vortex Studio can be used to create marketing simulators to bring exposure for your products at trade shows, or to demonstrate product capabilities offsite. Vortex Studio supports distributed synchronous multi-node rendering and user input interfaces allowing fully immersive simulation environment.
  1. Perform Human and Hardware in the Loop Testing : Vortex Studio can be used to do human-in-the-loop testing for vehicles and supports full off-road simulation capabilities. Vortex Studio supports Simulink, ROS2 integration, OPC, CANOpen, etc.