Connecting Wheels to a Graphical Node for a Flexible Track

These steps describe how to associate the graphics representation of an individual wheel in a flexible track to the Vehicle Systems powertrain.

  1. In the Explorer panel, click the Connection Editor folder to open the Connection Editor. If there is no Connection Container, create one via the Toolbox.
  2. From the Explorer panel, expand the vehicle preset and click on the Dynamic Component extension.
    The properties now appear in the Properties panel.
  3. In the Properties panel,under the Outputs section, expand the Left Track; then expand the Wheel Item List.
  4. Click the appropriate wheel value transform and drag the Transform parameter into the Output header of the Connections folder.
  5. In the Explorer panel, in the 3D models folder click the corresponding graphic node to the vehicle preset you selected in the previous step.
  6. In the Properties panel, in the Inputs header, click and drag the Parent Transform to the Input header in the Connection Editor to the line with the Corresponding wheel vehicle preset.
  7. Repeat these steps for each wheel.