Collision Detector Tutorial

ExCollisionDetector<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\ExCollisionDetector

This tutorial shows how to create extensions that can be used later in a scene or a mechanism to monitor contacts between an intersection sensor (the object that scans the environment) and a sensor trigger (the object that is scanned)
Contacting info can be seen in the post_step of the sensor.

See Vortex Studio SDK - Customizing Vortex for information about making plugins.

See C++ Tutorial 1: Plugins for a detailed example of making a plugin.

Using the tutorial

  1. Compile the project
  2. Deploy the plugin
  3. Start the Vortex Editor
  4. Create or Import a Scene
  5. Inside the Toolbox section, select the "Tutorials" Tab to then select the extensions "Intersection Sensor" and "Sensor Trigger Extension"
  6. Create or import 2 Mechanisms, that both contain a Collision Geometry, onto the Scene
    (Refer to this link for any further information: Collision Geometries)
  7. Set a collision geometry to each of the field "Collision Geometry" in the trigger and the sensor
    (The order has no importance in this context/tutorial)
  8. To observe the result:
    1. Run the simulation
    2. In the Explorer, select the extension "Intersection Sensor Extension"
    3. Make the 2 collision geometry enter in contact
      (Alt + Cursor to control the object can be a useful tool to use in this situation)
    4. Once the 2 enter in contact, observe the "Output Collides" parameter
      (A check mark is supposed to appear once this condition is true)