C++ Tutorial 3: Additional Examples


Building the tutorials

The following applies to all tutorials. See each tutorial for specific details.


The C++ tutorials  are packaged in a Microsoft Visual Studio solution located at <Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\tutorials.sln.

The solution is meant to be used with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. Vortex Studio is build using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

It can be built with 2 configurations:

  • Optimized: The most efficient build, provided less debugging information.
  • RelWithDebInfo: A release configuration that provided some debugging information. The most convenient configuration to use.

Compiled binaries

The solution is precompiled and the executables and plugins are available to use right away. These were built with the Optimized configuration.

The executables are in the <Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\bin folder and can be launched using their associated .bat files. The solution is able to launch the processes but the proper command line arguments must be provided in the project settings. See each tutorial for an example.

The plugins are in the <Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\plugins folder. To be used in a Vortex application, see Deploying the plugin

The .vxp are only compatible with the same Vortex version.


Use CMake can also be used to generate a solution

To regenerate the Makefiles with CMake to generate a RelWithDebInfo build, you can use the following command:

cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING="RelWithDebInfo" .

Not all tutorials are available on Linux.

For more information, look at the CMakeLists file. Is is located at <Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\CMakeLists.txt.