Content Update Tutorial

ExContentUpdate<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\ExContentUpdate

This tutorial demonstrates how to read, update and copy content from code.

It is meant to update and modify the Rover created during Tutorials ExContentCreation.

See Vortex Studio SDK - Creating Content for more details about content manipulation.

Using the tutorial

  1. Open Tutorials solution
  2. Compile and run ExContentCreation
  3. Set ExContentUpdate as the active project.
  4. Compile the project.
  5. The code is fully documented explaining each steps.
  6. Run the executable
    1. --sourceDirectory <folder>, location where ExContentCreation produced the rover scene file.
    2. --saveAs <folder>: folder to save the modified content
    3. --addRover : Optional, if set, a rover is added to the scene.
  7. The updated content can be viewed in the editor.
  8. To go into detail, debug the project and follow the code execution step by step.

Command Line Example

Here is an example of the Command to type into the Terminal to execute step #6.
(Take note that Paths may have to be changed in order to match your directories and that the "--addRover" is an optional argument)

runExContentUpdate --sourceDirectory "C:/TemporaryFolder/" --saveAs "C:/TemporaryFolder/results/" --addRover