Graphics Model Connections Tutorial

Graphics Model Connections<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\ExGraphicModelConnections

This tutorial shows how to parse the content to get the information on the part-model association with c++ code
This association, named skin in the Vortex Editor, is represented by a container.

This tutorial parse content and shows the connections where the destination is a graphics gallery.

See Graphics Gallery Tutorial to learn more about graphics nodes.

Using the tutorial

  1. Open Tutorials solution
  2. Set ExGraphicModelConnections as the active project.
  3. Compile the project.
  4. The code is fully documented explaining each steps.
  5. Run the executable with the following argument
    1. --content<File1>, path to one Vortex Files (vxscene, vxmechanism or vxAssembly)
  6. To go into detail, debug the project and follow the code execution step by step.