Keyboard Extension Tutorial

Keyboard Extension<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\ExKeyboardExtension

This tutorial shows how to make an extension that implements the VxSim::IKeyboard interface.

This extension is meant to capture specific keys in a specific context. 

See Vortex Studio SDK - Customizing Vortex for information about making plugins and extensions.

See C++ Tutorial 1: Plugins for a detailed example of making a plugin.

See Mechanism Viewer Tutorial for additional examples.

Using the tutorial

  1. Open Tutorials solution
  2. Compile the ExKeyboardExtension project.
  3. Deploy the plugin
  4. The code is fully documented for extra information.
  5. Launch the Vortex Editor
  6. Create a mechanism
  7. Insert the Keyboard extension
  8. save the mechanism
  9. Start the simulation
  10. Select the Keyboard extension in the explorer
  11. Click in the main view
  12. By pressing keys, you should see that the extension's output changes. e.g. the extension reacts when F10 is pressed.

The interface Keyboard is managed by a graphics module. Furthermore, in order to be used, a 3d window must have focus and simulation must be running.

If that mechanism was loaded in the player, the 3d window must also have focus for the keyboard to work.