Vehicles Tutorials

This section of the Vortex® Studio Training Curriculum covers the steps needed to create wheeled vehicles. This can be achieved either by using the new and more powerful Modular Vehicles approach or the legacy Vehicle Presets.

Modular Vehicles

Create a Vehicle Template from scratch using the Modular Vehicles approach, then use this template to create a fully drivable Light Armored Vehicle from graphic assets. This approach is more complex than using the Presets but it is now the preferred approach and allows the user to simulate custom suspension and powertrain designs that are not provided with Vortex Studio.

Vehicle Presets

Using Preset Vehicle Topologies from the Toolbox, create a Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) from graphic assets. This is a simpler approach to create a fully drivable vehicle, but the designs of the powertrain and suspension are limited to what's available in the presets installed with Vortex Studio.
It is also a legacy implementation and will not be further improved.