User Guides

Vortex Studio Editor

 Vortex® Studio Editor is a desktop-based editing tool built around Vortex, and provides a means for the rapid creation and modification of mechanisms and scenes.

Vortex Studio Player

 Vortex® Studio Player is a simulator application that allows you to load assets (either the Vortex Studio Demo Scenes that you installed or another Vortex Studio scene created with Vortex Studio Editor) and simulate them.

Vortex Studio Director

The Vortex Studio Director is a desktop-based application that provides system integrators with an interface for creating, configuring, launching and monitoring a simulator. 

Python 3 Scripting

This section describes how to extend and add additional functionality by using the built in scripting tool.

Vortex Studio SDK

Vortex Studio SDK provides information for C++ and python developers on how to extend Vortex® Studio applications and content.

Integrating Vortex Studio

Vortex Studio can be integrated into other softwares using different languages and frameworks. This integration allows users to benefit from Vortex's realistic simulation tools in their platform of choice.

Using Unity as Graphics Renderer

 The main goal of the Vortex integration with Unity as Graphics Renderer is to benefit from the Unity Graphics Rendering capabilities, while still allowing to run Vortex simulations on a distributed simulator..

Artist Guide

Graphical artists can create complex graphical assets that help in the simulation of real world object.

Mechanical Engineer Guide

The Mechanical Engineer Guide provides mechanical engineers with advanced technical information, as well as methods to improve performance and tuning.

Level Designer Guide

 The Level Designer Guide provides level designers the information they need to set up scenes and environmental effects, as well as add-ons such as oceans and human characters.

System Integrator Guide

 Vortex Studio provides tools to set up and configure simulators on a local machine or on a distributed system.

Optimization Guide

 The Optimization Guide provides information for how users can identify and optimize performance in their simulations.

Vortex Studio on Linux

Vortex Studio is available on the Linux platform, albeit in a more limited capacity.