Ray cast sensor Extension Tutorial

Ray cast sensor Extension<Vortex Studio Installation Folder>\tutorials\ExRayCastSensorExtension

Sample extension using a VxRayCastSensor to model a ray cast sensor that can be added to your content (Mechanisms or Scenes).

Raycasting results, such as distance to hit point and normal at hit point, are provided via an output field (ExRayCastSensorExtension::outputRayCastResults).

The extension implements the IMobile interface for moving the sensor around via input transformation matrices and it implements the IAccessory interface for debugging visualization of the rays that are cast in the editor.

The accessory can be enabled in the editor while simulating.

See Vortex Studio SDK - Customizing Vortex for information about making plugins and extensions.

See C++ Tutorial 1: Plugins for a detailed example of making a plugin.

Using the tutorial

  1. Compile the project
  2. Deploy the plugin
  3. Start the Vortex Editor
  4. Open your scene
  5. Add the Ray cast sensor extension from the toolbox in the tutorial section.
  6. Save 
  7. Start the simulation