Vortex Studio Director Capabilities

The Vortex Studio Director is a desktop-based application that provides system integrators with an interface for creating, configuring, launching and monitoring a simulator. 

  • Specify simulator name
  • Configure a new or existing simulator topology (nodes, network, starting application)
  • Select network adapter used to communicate to the remote machines
  • Specify Setup File containing the setup of the application, i.e., modules and extensions used in the different nodes
  • Specify Data Provider Path: local path used by the node elected to be the data provider
  • Customize Splash Image: image used when starting a simulation
  • Discover computers present on the selected network
  • Verify whether services are running on the expected machines
  • Launch and monitor the status of simulation applications
  • Lists packages and licenses for each computer
  • Offers a choice of simulator to choose if a path is given to the launch mode in command line
  • Director application can be minimized to the toolbar and will continue to monitor the simulator