Custom Licensing

This topic covers some licensing situations that apply to custom use cases.

Setting a Custom License Path

During a typical installation, the license file is stored at the default path of C:/CM Labs/Licenses (for Windows) or /opt/cmlabs/licenses/ (for Linux).

However, advanced users may wish to use a custom path, although this is not recommended.

Setting a Custom License Path on Windows

  1. The Vortex License Manager
  2. Select OptionsChange License Folder....
  3. You will be asked to confirm this action. Click Yes.
  4. In the resulting window, set the new file path location.

Any newly generated license files will now be created in that folder.

Setting a Custom License Path on Linux

Create an environment variable VX_LICENSE_LOCATION whose value is the desired path.

 Some previous versions of Vortex Studio referred to the environment variable CMLABS_LICENSE, which is a path to store additional license files. If you have this environment variable set, you should delete it and move the files to the default CM Labs license folder.

Manual Activation page

As a CM-Labs customer, you might have received a link to generate your license files for your simulators manually.

This page is now discontinued and should no longer be used. The Vortex License Manager now supports this workflow, see Generating Node-Locked License Files for a Simulator.

The page looks like the one: