What is Vortex Studio?

Vortex® Studio is a real-time simulation software platform that allows you to create realistic scenes of land and sea equipment, and environments, with minimal or no coding.

Vortex Studio can help you meet challenges such as these:

  • Prototyping potential solutions to see what could work to fulfill a need.
  • Testing those solutions to find out whether they work as intended.
  • Using these high fidelity, real-world scenarios in the software to train operators.
  • Simulating heavy machinery systems for demo or evaluation purposes.

A key benefit of Vortex Studio is to safely simulate vehicles or machinery in a realistic and cost-effective way without performing these tasks in the real world.

Some common problems encountered in simulations involve convoluted content creation, broken assets, and a lack of automation, veracity and reusability.

Vortex Studio enables you to overcome these difficulties:

  • Content production: Create scenes and objects quickly and with minimal expertise.
  • Content variation: Easily customize and re-use the content that you have created.
  • Verification: Make sure objects behave with the same physical specifications as their real-world counterparts.
  • Validation: Create content that drives, feels or otherwise replicates its real-world counterpart, achieving the goals of the simulation as accurately as possible.
  • Quality assurance: Quickly debug and optimize your simulation for stability, speed, and accuracy.

Vortex Studio is used by CM Labs simulation products as content development and training simulation platform.

What can I simulate?

Vortex Studio can simulate the following, and more:

  • Articulated assemblies, contacts and constraints
  • Robots with precise grasping of objects
  • Tracked and wheeled vehicles
  • Construction equipment, digging and dumping soil
  • Equipment with high-fidelity cable behavior
  • Maritime vessel on dynamics ocean
  • A combination of all the above in the same scene

See Features and Capabilities Overview.

Vortex Studio Products

Vortex Studio Create

Vortex Studio Create is the desktop development environment for the simulation content you will create.

The license enables all the tools you need to design and validate interactive real-time simulations.

With a single, node-locked seat of the Vortex Studio Editor and Player applications, Vortex Studio Create is ideal for:

  • Small teams who develop training simulations for a limited number of projects
  • Product development teams who want to develop virtual prototypes of mechatronic engineering models.

The Academic version of Studio Create provides a free watermarked version for universities who want to use Vortex Studio for research purposes.

Vortex Studio Activate

Vortex Studio Activate is designed to manage the configuration, licensing, and distribution of simulations that you create using Vortex Studio Create.

Vortex Studio Activate license includes 5 node-locked simulator instances that you can use to run simulations on multiple networked computers.

5 instances of Activate are sufficient to prototype and build simulators for users in your own organization.

You can purchase additional Activate nodes grants for resale of simulator instances.

Vortex Studio Applications

Vortex Studio products include different applications for creating and distributing simulation content.

Vortex Studio Editor

The Vortex Studio Editor is a desktop-based editing application designed for creating real-time simulations of mechanical models.

It also has features that let you configure and design a user interface for your simulators.

See Vortex Studio Editor.

Vortex Studio Player

The Vortex Studio Player is designed to load and play the simulations that you create with Vortex Studio Editor.

See Vortex Studio Player.

Vortex Studio Director

The Vortex Studio Director manages the installation, deployment and monitoring of distributed simulators across a local network.

It is the main interface from which integrators can manage simulators.

See Vortex Studio Director.

Where to Next?

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If you still have any questions after reading these sections, be sure to visit the forums at https://www.cm-labs.com/vortex-studio-community/ (you may have to create a free CM Labs user account if you don't already have one).