The Content Debugger Tab

The Content Debugger is a graphical representation of runtime objects available in the Vortex® Studio Player application.

  1. Hierarchical view of objects in the application. On the Master, the universe(s) are also displayed.
  2. Editable properties of the selected object.

This Content Debugger lists runtime objects so you can browse through the objects and be able to see live properties of those objects. It is also possible to modify some of the properties at runtime.

If an extension appears grayed out and in italics, this means that the extension is unmanaged. An extension can be unmanaged for the following reasons:The associated plugin/module is not installed or configured properly. This can happen when an extension is configured outside Vortex Studio Editor using the Vortex Studio SDK.The extension is not available under the current license.

Using the Content Debugger in the Vortex Studio Player

To use the functionality of the Content Debugger, you must first activate it by selecting Enable debugger in the Vortex Studio Player. Activating the Content Debugger affects the simulation's performance.

At the top of each pane is a filter in which you can enter words to limit what is shown in the underlying pane. For example, typing "box" and pressing Enter would only show you the objects with "Box" in their name and their position in the hierarchy.

You can directly modify inputs and parameters in this pane, and the new values immediately affect the simulation.