The Dynamics Visualizer Tab

The Dynamics Visualizer tab on the Player interface shows options for that you can use to show information about dynamics entities in your simulation, such as CGs, constraints, and more.

(1) For convenience, some of the visualization options have a short key that you can use:

To See ...Press ...
Collision Geometries Shift+G or select checkbox
Collision geometries in color (CG Colorization)No shortkey, use check box to select
Center of Mass Shift+M or select checkbox
ConstraintsShift+J or select checkbox
Part OriginsAlt+Shift+M or select checkbox
InertiaShift+I or select checkbox
Contacts Shift+C or select checkbox
Enable Mouse SpringNo shortkey, use check box to select

(2) To set the scale factor that the system applies to displayed contact lines, use the selector to specify a scale factor.

(3) You can select the following display modes:

Display ModeDescription
NormalShows the normal force response
ForceShows the contact force
TorqueShows the torque option for supported types of contacts
PenetrationShows the amount of penetration
DirectionShows the direction of the contact force

NOTE: You can display as many modes as you select.