Creating User Interfaces (UI)

This topic describes how to create custom user interfaces (UI).

Vortex Studio is installed with several pre-configured pages that you can add to the existing UI of Vortex Editor, Vortex Player or Vortex Console.  You can also add pages with content that you create for displaying controls which can be used to operate equipment functions, change objects in the scene, display important information about the state of the equipment in the simulation, and more.

Creating Custom UI Pages

With the Vortex Qt Module, you can add pages with custom controls. For example, you can create a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) page that shows information about equipment capacity. Or, you can create a page that triggers different types of events during a simulation.

For more information about adding pages with custom content to your user interface, see Using QtDesigner Page.

Example of PageDescriptionRequired ModulesRequired Page Extensions

A page for triggering unexpected events during the simulation
  • Vortex Qt Module
  • Console Module
  • IQt Page Properties
  • IQt Window Properties

A page for showing a crane load moment indicator and operator controls

A page to control and display features of the natural environment