Vortex Marine

The Vortex Marine extension provides a hydrodynamic solution for surface ocean simulation that integrates both dynamics and visual (graphics).

You can use this extension to simulate many marine scenarios, such as:

  • An ROV connected to a TMS (Tether Management System) and a Ship
  • A Ship with a crane mounted for transfer of materials
  • The recovery of a floating Vessel

The following objects are available as part of the Marine extensions.

Adding a Buoy

In marine scenarios, you might want to add invisible buoy markers used to retrieve water height displacement.

Adding a Decal Controller

In marine scenarios, you can add a texture that is rendered on top of the ocean mesh.

Adding a Hull Wake

The Wake Effect extension is used to create a hull wake wave on the ocean.

Adding a Propeller Effect

In marine scenarios, you can add a propeller backwash effect.

Adding a Splash Controller

In marine scenarios, you can add a controller that drives multiple decals to simulate a splash effect.

Adding a Thruster

In marine scenarios, you can add a thruster to drive marine vehicles, converting propeller rotation motion into thrust force in newtons (N).

Adding an Imposter

Learn how to clip the water plane, to prevent it from filling the inside of a ship with water.

Adding an Ocean Object

In Vortex® Studio Editor, you can add an ocean to your scene which contains the dynamics and graphical extensions.

Adding an Ocean Wake

Learn how to add a disturbed water pattern behind ships. (Mechanism only)

Adding Ocean Propeller Wash

In marine scenarios, you can add an ocean disruption as caused by the craft's ocean propeller.

Adding Rotor Wash

In marine scenarios, you can add a rotor wash effect, e.g., to simulate the effect a helicopter propeller would have on the surface of the ocean.

Vessel Simulation with MARIN XRI

If you need to simulate vessels and offshore conditions in a valid and verifiable way, you can use ship files created with MARIN© XMF Runtime Interface (XRI).