Adding a Buoy

In marine scenarios, you might want to add invisible buoy markers used to retrieve water height displacement.

For example, this information can be useful when simulating features like bow waves or other similar effects.

The ocean object is required in the content for the Buoy to function properly. see Adding an Ocean Object.

To add a buoy:

  1. Select Marine from the Toolbox.
  2. Click Buoy and drag it into the 3D View.
  3. Click the Buoy extension in the Explorer panel.
  4. In the buoy's Properties panel, configure the following input fields:
    • Local Transform: Determines the location of the buoy.
    • Fall to Ocean: Check this box so that a buoy that is above the surface of the water falls to the water's surface at the start of a simulation.

During simulation:

  • The Above Ocean box becomes selected as the buoy rises above the surface of the water.
  • The Water Height Displacement value displays the distance from the buoy to the surface of the water. A positive value means the buoy is below the water, negative means it is above the water.