Adding a Propeller Effect

In marine scenarios, you can add a propeller backwash effect.

To add a propeller effect:

  1. Select Marine in the Toolbox.
  2. Click Propeller Effect and drag it into the 3D View.

In the Properties panel, configure the following fields:

  • Visible: Select this box to have the propeller effect appear.
  • Parent Velocity: Sets the velocity of the parent vessel (in m/s). This is combined to the particles' properties.
  • Speed: Specifies at which speed the effect moves.
  • Width: Specifies how wide the propeller effect is.
  • Lifetime: The duration of the propeller particles (in seconds).
  • Emission Rate: The rate at which particles are emitted. At lower speeds, fewer particles would be required for a good visual effect.
  • Intensity: Specifies how full the effect appears.
  • Spread Angle: The spray of the particles can be represented as a cone shape, and this field specifies the angle of that cone (in degrees).
  • Particle Radius: The radius of the emitted particles (in meters).
  • Texture: Specifies the texture to apply to the particles. Click the browse button and select a texture from the Explorer panel.
  • Particle Limit: Maximum number of particles to emit. Increasing this value may affect performance.
  • Grow Speed: Specifies the speed at which particles grow (in m/s).
  • Max Angular Velocity: Maximal range of the initial angular velocity of the particles. Higher values make the stream of particles appear less gentle (in degrees/second).
  • Linear Damping: Linear velocity damping of particles over time.
  • Angular Damping: Angular velocity damping of particles over time.