Deployment User Guide

Understand how to install Vortex Studio and its addons.

Vortex Studio Deployment

Vortex® Studio and its add-ons must be installed on all machines.

The binaries can be installed under the same path on all machines but this is not a requirement: Vortex Service will start the SimApp according to its local installation on the machine.

Vortex Studio does not currently provide a solution for automatically deploying its installers on several remote computers. This can be achieved manually by remote login, scripts or third party deployment tools.

After installation, Vortex Service must be started on each computer needed for the simulator. The Director can be started thereafter from the operator workstation.

License Deployment

For a node lock licensing scheme, the file must be present on all machines.

The default location of the license files is C:\CM Labs\Licenses.

Setup Deployment

Setup files have to be duplicated and installed on the same path on all computers.

Note Paths references in the setup documents are relative. All files or directories referenced by the setup must be installed on all machines with the same relative path to the setup.

Data Deployment

The Vortex application loads the same content under the same path on all computers.

Content and resources must therefore all be located under the same location on all computers.

Note It is possible to use a network share to store binaries, data, or any file referenced by Vortex Studio. However, running and loading might very quickly become a bottleneck as the number of machines increases. Therefore, this is not a recommended setup for a distributed simulator.