Splines render geometry along a curve. They are typically used to render cable systems. They can be customized to render different types of geometry such as cylindrical cables or mesh chains.


VisibleToggles spline visibility.
Cast ShadowWhether the spline projects a shadow onto other objects.
Receive ShadowWhether the spline receives shadows projected by other objects.
Graphics MaterialMaterial to apply onto the generated mesh.
Spline Control PointsControl points that define the spline. These can be provided by cable systems or custom scripts.

Defines the geometry that will be rendered onto the spline.

  • Cylinder: Cylindrical mesh defined by its number of sides, radius and roundness.
  • Strap: Prismatic mesh defined by its radius and roundness. A roundness of 0 renders the strap as a flat surface.
  • Cross: Cross-shaped mesh defined by its radius.
  • Line: Single pixel wide line useful for rendering UI elements.
  • Mesh: Renders a chain of meshes along the spline.
Number of SidesDefines the number of sides of a cylindrical spline.
RadiusRadius of the rendered spline.
RoundnessDefines the scaling proportions on the different sides of the cable. A value of 1 will produces sides of equal size.
Texture Repeat LengthThe number of times the texture is repeated along one unit of the length of the spline.
Texture Repeat WidthThe number of times the texture is repeated along the width of the spline.
InterpolationWhen active, interpolates the spline between its sections to produce smoother curves.
Subdivision per SectionNumber of subdivisions used to enhance the smoothness between each spline section. Used when interpolation is enabled.
Alternate Mesh RotationWhen true, rotates every other mesh along the spline. Useful to render chains with a single link mesh.
Mesh OverlapOffset that enables overlapping meshes along the spline. Typically used to draw chains.
Mesh CoverageThe size of the mesh on the spline.
Mesh InstancesNumber of mesh instances currently being rendered along the spline.


Refer to cable tutorials for examples.