Earthwork Systems

Earthwork Systems is a Vortex developer module that is used to simulate earthmoving operations such as digging, trenching, filling, etc.

Terrain is usually a static, non-deformable object in Vortex. The Earthwork Systems allows you to make otherwise rigid terrain surfaces deformable within a limited area.

In order to use this feature, the Earthwork Systems Module must be enabled using the procedure described in the Configuring the Application section (note that Earthwork Systems is enabled by default in the Vortex Studio Editor).

The Vortex Studio Editor is the main interface for adding and customizing the earthwork tools and terrain parametrization, providing an easy way to define both. The next few topics outline the various components of the Earthwork Systems and their interactions. You can also get a high-level overview of the procedure for setting up and customizing the components involved in an Earthwork Systems simulation.

Vortex Studio comes with an Earthwork Systems demo scene (Excavator and Dump Truck), which you can acquire by downloading and installing the Vortex Studio Demo Scenes installer from the Vortex Studio Account Page (

Earthwork Components

Learn about the Earthworks Systems' sub-components and their uses.

Earthwork Tools

Learn about specialized tools to help simulate most types of earthmoving equipment and operations.

Earthwork Utilities

Learn about specialized soil utilities to help manipulate and monitor soil.

Earthwork Zone

Learn how to define where the terrain can be deformed or piled with soil.

Deformable Terrain

Learn about a terrain similar to the Earthwork Zone, but that is built to achieve better performance on large deformable areas.

Guided Machine Control Display

Simulate machine control systems and GPS displays for earthmoving equipment, such as excavators, wheel loaders, and dozers.

Soil Dust

This extension defines how dust generated by the earthmoving operations behave, and is used to configure dust emission and appearance.

Soil Materials

The Soil Materials Extension lets you define which soil presets the simulation uses as the soil material in the scene.

Soil Particles

This extension's purpose is to visualize simulated soil particles.