Vehicle Systems

Vehicle Systems provides an easy way to define a complete and functional vehicle by using the Vortex Studio Editor.

There are two ways to create vehicles in Vortex Studio. The first approach, referred to as Modular Vehicle Systems, allows building up a vehicle's powertrain and other critical components via a set of connected assemblies, each of which represents a carefully crafted component of the vehicle, such as a wheel, a gear box or a suspension. For ease of use, Vortex comes with a set of pre-created modular vehicle samples for many typical vehicle types, such as cars with front wheel or rear wheel drive. The modular nature of this approach allows customizing vehicle samples to your needs by drilling into the individual vehicle components and modifying them, or removing, adding or replacing components. Alternatively you can build your own vehicle up from scratch with a comprehensive set of pre-created vehicle components that are provided with your Vortex Studio installation. For more information on this workflow please refer to the Modular Vehicle Systems documentation.

A second, legacy workflow is to create vehicles based on so-called Vehicle Presets which allow you to model only a limited set of known vehicle topologies such as a car with front wheel drive (FWD). These presets can not be modified and thus don't provide the same flexibility that can be found with modular vehicles. For more information on this legacy workflow, please refer to the section on Creating a Vehicle from a Vehicle Preset.

Additional topics in this section elaborate on how to realistically model tire/ground interactions for vehicles, guidelines for vehicle tuning as well as vehicle verification.

Modular Vehicle Systems

Modular Vehicle Systems allows to create vehicles in Vortex® Studio in a modular way. It provides a library of components that are common to most of the vehicles such as wheel, motor, transmission, torque converter and others.

Creating a Vehicle from a Vehicle Preset

Vortex® Studio provides a library of Vehicle Preset that are representative of different class of vehicles such as wheeled vehicle, rigid or flexible tracked vehicle along with a set of combination of different drivetrains

Tire Models

Vortex® Studio includes the Tire Model feature in Vehicle Systems to accurately capture the interaction between the wheels of a vehicle and the ground surface material.

Vehicle Tuning Guide

This guide aims to help you with the techniques and procedures used to tune vehicles.

Vehicle Verification with Scripts

Verification tests can easily be automated with the Vortex® Automated Tests Platform (vxatp3).