3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator Mouse Mappings

Vortex® Studio Editor provides support for the SpaceNavigator mouse by 3Dconnexion. Support in the Editor is built-in as long as the application configuration contains the SpaceNavigator module.

See also USB Devices User Guide

The following is the mapping implemented in the Vortex Studio Editor.

3D MouseVortex Studio EditorKeyboard Key
BackSet Back view in current viewportU
BottomSet Bottom view in current viewportB
FitExecute Center in Active View on current selectionShift +F
FrontSet Front view in current viewportF
Isometric View 1Set Perspective view in current viewportP
Isometric View 2Toggle Orbital / Fly ModeNo keyboard equivalent
LeftSet Left view in current viewportL
RightSet Right view in current viewportK
Roll CCWSet Previous Camera in current viewportX
Roll CWSet Next Camera in current viewportC
Show UISet current viewport to fullscreenAlt +W
TopSet Top view in current viewportT