Running a Test Simulation

You can use the test simulator in the Scene, Mechanism, or Assembly editor to play your scene, mechanism or assembly right inside the Editor.

Warning Running a simulation in an external application is not supported for assemblies.

Testing the Scene

Inside Vortex® scenes, mechanisms, and assemblies, you can run a test simulation using the Test toolbar:

  • Play activates the physics engine and the parts behave according to the constraint settings. While the test runs, you can interact with the mechanism in the 3D View or by adjusting values in the Property panel.
  • As soon as you start the simulation, the Play button changes to a Pause button, which you can click to pause and resume the test.
  • You can also Step frame by frame through the simulation when it is paused.
  • Press the Stop button to completely stop the simulation and reset everything to the initial values.

There are several handy tools which can be accessed through the following keyboard shortcuts to help you test the scene.

Note LMB, MMB, and RMB are acronyms for Left Mouse Button, Middle Mouse Button, and Right Mouse Button.

Tool NameKeyboard ShortcutWhat It Does
Mouse SpringAlt+LMB

Simulates dragging an object behind, like there is a spring between the object and the mouse.

Freeze/UnfreezeAlt+MMBToggles between freezing and unfreezing a simulated object
RotateAlt+Shift+MMBSpins the object underneath the middle mouse button
MoveAlt+Shift+LMBRepositions the object around in space

Information and Debugging Tools

There are a number of tools provided by Vortex® that can provide information about a variety of things: