The Fog extension allows you to add realistic fog effects to your scene or mechanism.

To add a Fog extension:

  1. Select Environment in the Toolbox.
  2. Double-click Fog.
  3. In its Properties panell, edit the name of the fog.
  4. Specify the following inputs:
    • Visible: Select this to have the fog appear.
    • Fog Color: Sets the color (RGB) and transparency (alpha) of the fog.
    • Fog Visibility Distance: Specifies how far you can see through the fog (in meters).
    • Fog Cutoff Height: Sets the height at which the camera is outside the fog (in meters).
    • Fog Fadeout Length: Specifies the range (along the Z-axis) where the fog fades from 100 to 0% (in meters).
    • Fog Visibility in Mirror: Select this to have the fog appear in mirrors.
    • Fog Visibility in Monitor: Select this to have the fog appear in monitors.

Fog example - above a cityFog example - on the deck of a ship