Using the Console Instructor Page

The Instructor page lists the sessions in which the logged-in user participated as the instructor.  The page is only visible if the logged-in user is an Administrator or an Instructor.

Each row of the table displays information for one session.  The information is:

  • Date: the start date and time for the session
  • Students: the student(s) who participated in the session
  • Equipment: the equipment trained on for the session
  • Exercise: the exercise selected to train with for the session
  • Score: the score achieved for the session. The score is shown in green if the session status is Pass, red if the status is Fail, and white if the status is None.
  • Status: Pass, Fail or None
  • Seat Time: The duration of the session in hours, minutes and seconds
  • Report: this column contains a button that, when clicked, generates a report for the session. If multiple sessions (rows) are selected, and the report button is clicked for one of the selected sessions, reports will be generated for all selected sessions.

The list of sessions in the table may be sorted on any of the columns.

In addition, the filter controls for the columns allow the user to view only the sessions that meet his criteria. These controls are located on the column headers where filtering is necessary.

The Active Only check box at the upper right of the page specifies whether only sessions with active students should be included in the table.

At the bottom of the table, there are two pieces of summary information:

  • Average Score: displays the average of the scores for the sessions currently displayed in the table
  • Total Seat Time: the sum of the session duration for the sessions currently displayed in the table

The button at the lower right of the page lets the user export the content of the table in CSV (comma separated variable) format. The CSV file may be imported into a third-party application for analysis or other purposes.