Creating a Setup File for the Console Interface

Application setup files (.vxc extension) let you define your simulator application in the Vortex Studio interface. An external application for running the simulator (such as SimApp) parses the file and automatically uses it to configure the application. To add Console features to your simulator configuration, you must create a setup file which identifies the correct Console-specific nodes and elements. For detailed information about creating simulator setup files, see Setup User Guide.

You can find an example of a setup file for a simulator that uses the Console extension in the following program directory: C:\CM Labs\Vortex Studio [releaseNumber]\resources\config.

Required Elements for Every Node

Extension (link to each)Function
Console ModuleSpecifies how all pages and components of the console interact
Application Metrics ManagerSpecifies how the system records and displays metrics
Console Equipment ManagerSpecifies how users will select simulation content
Console Session Control ExtensionSpecifies how the system synchronizes a session on the simulator
Console Pages Exercise Selection PageSpecifies how users select and load a given simulation

Optional Extensions

To use any of the following extensions, you must add the correct element to the simulator setup file. 

Extension (link to each)Function
Mongo Database ModuleSpecifies the database that will store user and session data
Network Data ModuleMonitors network traffic for systems with multiple computers
Network ConfigurationSpecifies the relationships between computers in systems where one user will launch a simulation on the simulator from a separate desktop computer
Player OS Taskbar VisibilityRemoves the Windows OS task bar from a desktop display while the simulator is running.