Managing Accounts and Users

With the MongoDB module, the system supports several features for managing accounts and users. The following extensions let you set up the system to manage different types of users:

Supported User Roles

The first time you connect the simulator to the database, the system creates an Administrator account by default.

Default Administrator Account Information
Account type


  • Add and modify other accounts
  • Access and modify default scoring roles
Default user nameadmin
Default passwordadmin

Important: You must change the default password when you log into the system for the first time. The default password is publicly available and your system cannot be secure until you change it.

By default, the system supports the following user roles:

User RolePermissions
AdministratorResponsible for setting up the system for users with Instructors and Student accounts. The Administrator should add at least one Instructor account, and can customize scoring and report settings.
InstructorResponsible for facilitating sessions on the simulator. Users with Instructor accounts can add Student accounts and group them into classes.
Student Uses the simulator to complete simulation sessions and operate equipment in the simulation. The system scores performance and records metrics associated with each Student account.
GuestCan start sessions on the simulator and use controls anonymously. The system does not record scores or metrics for Guest sessions. This role is useful for demonstration sessions.