Cutting Cables

In some situations, it might be necessary to have cables sever when they make contact with another object. You can achieve this result by using the Dynamics Cutting Tool extension.

Note Only flexible segments can be cut. A grabbed cable will be released if it is cut. A cut cable cannot be grabbed.

  1. Select Cable Systems from the Toolbox.

  2. Select Dynamics Cutting Tool into the 3D View, or onto the desired scene/mechanism in the Explorer panel.
  3. Configure settings in the Dynamics Cutting Tool properties:
    1. In the Parameters section, select the cutter. The cutter is the part that will sever the cable when the two come in contact with each other. Select this part from any mechanism provided it has collision geometry. The segment to be cut or the Cable System must also have its Collision Geometry Type set to something other than None. If the Collision Geometry Type of the segment is Undefined, then the Geometry Type in the Param Definition of the cable must be something other than None.
    2. In the Inputs section, the Cut checkbox has two functionalities:
      • If you select the Cut checkbox before any contact is made between the cable and the cutter, the cable will sever the moment the two touch in the simulation.
      • Otherwise, if the simulation is running and the cable is in contact with the cutter, the cable will sever at the moment you select the Cut checkbox.
    3. Once the cable is cut, the Cut Done checkbox will appear selected.