Using the 3D View

The 3D View shows the dynamic and graphical representation of any Vortex Studio objects you create.

From the 3D view, you can manipulate and inspect objects and camera views, and position objects in the viewport.


To help you identify objects more quickly, you can view collisions geometries in color. To show CGs in color, navigate to the Options menu > Display tab > Collision Geometries and then click to select Enable Color Display.

To see the context menu, select the object and then right-click on it. The menu appears.

Some of the tasks you can perform are presented in this section.

Configuring Viewports

In the 3D View, you can configure viewports to modify an object in perspective or orthographic views.

Manipulating Objects in the 3D View

You can manipulate different shapes and elements, such as collision geometry, parts, assemblies and mechanisms, in the 3D View.

Manipulating the Camera in the 3D View

In the 3D View, all orthogonal viewports support zooming and panning the camera.

Viewing Objects

You can center an object in all viewports at once or just the active viewport in the 3D View.